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CancerTYPE® ID reflex to NeoTYPE® enhancements and New York availability:
NeoGenomics and Biotheranostics, Inc. provide a combined test offering for metastatic cancer patients with an unknown or unclear diagnosis. CancerTYPE ID® with reflex to NeoTYPE® Cancer Profile enables tumor type classification and identification of actionable biomarkers in a seamless, single-order process.

Effective Monday, August 1, we have enhanced the biomarker testing follow-up performed for many of the tumor types classified by CancerTYPE ID®. Also, we are pleased to make CancerTYPE ID® with reflex to NeoTYPE® available to our New York clients for the first time.

With these revisions, we have expanded gene fusion coverage; created more precise follow-up test combinations for bladder, brain, prostate, and salivary gland; and added the first hematologic tumor profile (NeoTYPE® Lymphoma) to the service. Please see more here about taking this single testing path to establish a diagnosis and care options. Our Online Orders system and printed solid tumor NGS requisitions are ready for orders from all clients.

CancerTYPE ID® is performed and billed separately by NeoGenomics’ contracted reference laboratory, Biotheranostics, Inc., an independent CLIA-licensed and CAP-accredited reference laboratory. Please see for more details.


Important Announcement

HER2 Breast FISH: JUL - DEC 2022 Assessment

Available Now: The Jul - Dec 2022 assessment for HER2 breast FISH that tech-only clients can utilize is now available in NeoUniversity. NeoGenomics offers world-class educational programs as an additional benefit to all of our clients. Please visit NeoUniversity for more information.


Interface Update

For interface-related test changes that took effect on Monday July 18th, click here for a downloadable document to view the impacted interface test codes.

***Effective Immediately July 27th*** Extended Leukemia/Lymphoma Panel will NOT be available for orders until further notice. See downloadable document for further details.

New York Clients can order now order this test code through the interface:


CancerTYPE ID® (w/ NTP based on CTID result)

If you have interface questions, please contact