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Special Announcement

Patient Resource for Lung Biomarker Support Launches January 24

NeoTYPE® Lung Tumor Profiles with positive results will include a new Patient Resource Page beginning Monday, January 24th. Launched in partnership with Biomarker Collaborative, this resource marks the first time biomarker education for patients and support group listings will be included in laboratory reports. We expect this page will facilitate provider-patient conversations about biomarker-based care and provide patients with access to support and advocacy groups.

The Patient Resource Page will appear as the last page of the NeoTYPE® Lung Tumor Profile report and it provides a space for the provider or patient to write in the most important biomarker. To view a sample report, please contact your local Business Manager or Internal Account Executive. We look forward to your feedback.

Test Updates

Molecular- Please note a change in the effective date below

Effective Monday, January 31st, clients placing online orders can select MLH1 Promoter Methylation Analysis as a reflex option for negative result BRAF Mutation Analysis specimens. This will mirror the checkbox already available on the Single Biomarkers & Consults Solid Tumor Pathology Requisition. This reflex allows for hybrid approach when screening colorectal cancer patients for Lynch syndrome, prior to any additional germline testing being requested.


Interface Updates

For interface-related test changes occurring on Monday, January 31st, click here for a downloadable document to view the impacted interface test codes.

If you have interface questions, please contact